StrongVPN Review

StrongVPN is one of the many companies outside there providing VPN security to end users and businesses. These services are surprisingly simple to employ. The Basics of StrongVPN – A VPN connection is a secure, encrypted connection that is added to your machine as an option for contacting websites. Personally I’ve been using StrongVPN for around 2 years, and I have to say I’ve been extremely satisfied with their VPN service. Try it out, you won’t regret!

Comprehensive Tips and Guide for Web Directory Owners

Chris Hoffman,the owner of Alive Web Directory and Big Web Links Directory,started a blog today.I was impressed by his first blog post:Comprehensive Tips and Guide for Web Directory Owners ,a very well written blog post with many excellent tips.If you are a directory owner or if you are planning to be one,that’s a must read post!

Namecheap Coupon For July

Sorry guys,I was quite busy recently with personal stuff and wasn’t able to post in this blog.Anyway,I’m back now.

Back to topic,namecheap coupon for July is out:BOTTLEROCKET,$0.90 off on new registrations and transfer.